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Desire to
Connect to our Roots

I’ve learned that the desire to connect to our roots is not unique to African Americans; as human beings, we’re all eager for a deeper understanding of who we are. It helps us to realize what we are capable of achieving.

“There’s a level of understanding I have now…”

After learning of his African ancestry, BuzzFeed producer Ryann Graham expressed: “I’m very excited to pinpoint exactly where my people are from and also have a lot of historical context as to who I am as a person . . . There’s a level of understanding I have now that makes me so much more excited than I ever thought I would have been.”

Ryann Graham, Buzzfeed Producer
Culture Culture
A Good Thing

Embraced and

Stories like Ryann’s are what make my mission so important — to help Black people embrace and celebrate their African heritage.

If you’re looking for a passionate speaker or presenter to help your company or organization transform the way people see themselves, let’s talk. Because when you encourage transformation at an individual level, that same transformation creates a ripple effect that can positively impact the DNA, culture, and identity of an entire organization.

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