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Mother’s Day, Black Mothers & The Motherland

 Random Thoughts & Meditations …

I’ve done a series of interviews where my first question is, “What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Africa?” Each person had a different answer. When the question was asked of me, the first thing was the ‘Motherland.’ And then I thought about what comes to mind when we think of Mothers …Black Mothers? I immediately thought ‘Love’ and for me, the synergy is clear!

So … how else are Black moms like Africa?

We all know that Africa is the cradle of civilization. Civilization is the progressive social and cultural development that orders our ways of life. Think about that. Our Motherland is where everything began and has informed every single culture in the world. Once ignorantly known as the ‘Dark Continent,’ Mama Africa’s bountiful resources, harmonious nature and resilience now commands respect.

Does The Continent sound like anyone you know? I see my mother, your mother, Black mothers everywhere in her. Our mothers are the maestros of Black culture in many ways. They sang to us. They got us to church. They cooked. Who is the person you think to thank (after God, of course) for an accolade or award? Mom! Our mothers’ encouragement, support and love nurtured the creators in us. And yes, she also commands respect!

There are many other words that I associate with our mothers and Mother Africa: strong, resilient, tenacious, beautiful and foundational. Let’s show some love for all mothers this Mother’s Day season by sharing the words and thoughts that come to your mind in the comments below.

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Founded in 2003, African Ancestry Inc. (AfricanAncestry.com) pioneered African lineage matching in the United States utilizing its proprietary DNA-database to more accurately assess present-day countries of origin for people of African descent. African Ancestry’s products include the MatriClanand PatriClanancestry tests and customized memorabilia and informative resources. African Ancestry is Black-owned and headquartered in Washington, DC. For general media inquiries, contact Nichole Taylor at taylor@taylorcommunicationsgroup.com.

  • May 7, 2020

    I really love this Blog. I think of Security when I think of my mom and Africa!

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