As the leading Black female authority on DNA-based ancestry tracing, Paige is a highly sought-after public speaker and presenter among African-American organizations and allied groups of all sizes that are interested in enhancing their programs, events and other offerings. Whether it’s as keynote speaker, moderator, panelist or emcee, Paige’s passion-infused, approachable style captures, educates and uplifts audiences and in many cases, transforms the way people see themselves. She has taken her customizable presentation to hundreds of businesses, community/civic events, faith-based communities and educational groups across the U.S. and the globe.

A typical session with Paige consists of lively, educational exchanges on genetics ancestry tracing; audience ancestry reveals; and exciting, on-site ancestral testing that ignites the unprecedented, transformative journey for participants. While her message of reclaiming the past so that one may move forward remains a central theme, Paige speaks on a variety of topics including Do You Have I.D.? …Knowing, Showing and Growing Who You Are; Using DNA to Demystify Roots and Replenish Identities; The Ancestry of Black Business; and The (XX) Factor … The Real Genes of Successful Black Women.  READ MORE



Under Paige’s leadership, African Ancestry has grown into the nation’s leading genetics-based ancestry-tracing company, sparking global interest, dialogue and focus on the importance of knowing who we are. Paige has traveled the world testing and revealing African roots of more than 150,000 people, while educating and informing identities. As with most great innovators, Gina’s work with African Ancestry has spawned a mix of industry off-shoots and major company milestones, including reaching its 10th anniversary in 2013. READ MORE



Born of a family of entrepreneurs, Paige’s enterprising approach to life was shaped at an early age. At age 8, she launched a magazine purposed to raise money for a family trip to Six Flags King’s Dominion. She went on to start a “Pik-A-Pak” care package logistics business at Stanford University as a recent graduate, helping families stay connected with their children while away at school.  READ MORE


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